Join the lab


The DataLab provides a digital collaboration platform for scientific projects. This includes a set of services for group communication, project management, computing power, technical support.

Furthermore, you join a community of users involved in scientific research, data stewardship, teaching and learning.


The DataLab follows a trust propagation model for accepting lab users. This means that trusted users can request access for new users. So anybody with a legitimate scientific interest to work with ZMT scientists can request access to the lab.

Joining the lab involves:

  1. Discuss your collaboration with a ZMT scientific workgroup leader.

  2. The workgroup leader initiates a Registration (requires your name and email).

  3. You receive a link by email to fill out a simple form with personal details. These details will be verified. Verification is skipped if a email address is used.

  4. Your account will be created and you will be notified by email.

Once your account is setup, you can Access the lab.