Access the lab

The Datalab provides a set of inter-linked services to enable digital scientific collaboration. Once you have registered as a user, you can access these services with your user credentials.

After your account is created, head over to read the detailed Docs to learn how to authenticate and login to the lab’s facilities.

In short, the lab’s facilities include:

  • Docs for detailed guidance on lab usage

  • Chat for lab-wide and project-specific communication

  • Projects for project management

  • Desktop for accessing the science desktop

  • Support to request administrative support

  • Registration of new users or labspaces

When you are asked to authenticate to any of the lab’s services, then please provide your username (of the form first_name.last_name) and password. Do not share your user credentials with anybody else. If you are a ZMT staff member, then your password is the same as your ZMT account password.